Applicator Original Regular Tampons

Applicator Original Regular Tampons

$16.20/per case 
64 Tampons $0.25/applicator tampon
Save $7.48 per case
Don't pay RRP: $23.68

An applicator makes insertion much easier as it ensures the tampon is positioned in just the right place. They're great for women new to tampons - and for quite a few, they become their preferred choice as you just can't go wrong with these.

Our Libra Original tampons are tested and designed for maximum comfort and protection, while the compact applicator easily gets them into the right spot. The Regular absorbency is ideal for your medium-flow days, usually in the middle of your period.

Our unique anti-fluff base prevents fluffing when releasing the string, the tapered tip makes for easy insertion and a knotted string helps grip for removal.

With such thoughtful details, you'll definitely appreciate the difference of Libra products; Designed by women, for women.

Important: Tampon use has been associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Toxic Shock is a rare but serious disease that may cause death. Please read and keep the enclosed information.

This product is sold by the case only. One case includes 4 packs, 16 tampons per pack.

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